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Corbell urges states to follow suit on gender laws

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell has encouraged other states and territories to review their gender laws, after the High Court upheld the right for NSW residents to be neither male nor female.

The historic decision on Wednesday recognised the right of transgender people to be registered as a third category of sex on their NSW birth certificates.

The case was brought by Norrie, a transgender person who identifies as neuter and goes only by a first name.

It came less than two weeks after the ACT Legislative Assembly passed laws recognising a third gender category of ''X''.

Mr Corbell said he welcomed the High Court's decision.

''It confirms the ACT's leadership on this matter,'' he said. ''The birth certificate is the primary identification document and is used for a whole range of common transactions …''

''If someone presents differently from the sex on their birth certificate that can be incredibly difficult, embarrassing and stigmatising.''

A Gender Agenda executive director Samuel Rutherford said they had a lot to thank the ACT government for in setting a national benchmark.

Mr Corbell said the court's decision would put pressure on other states to consider their own genders laws and how registrars record a person's sex.