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'Courtesy messages' to promote better driving

Canberra drivers are worse at tailgating, hogging the right hand lane, and failing to let other cars merge than their NSW counterparts, the NRMA says.

The motoring group today launched a new campaign across NSW and the ACT to address road rage and discourteous driving.

The campaign will feature electronic roadside signs broadcasting positive 'courtesy messages' across Canberra, in an attempt to promote better driving habits.

And members of the public are invited to come up with their own courtesy messages, which could be broadcast on the electronic road signs.

A survey, which included 1500 motorists across NSW and the ACT, found 84 per cent of Canberrans experienced tailgating.

Canberrans also listed not allowing a car to merge, and slow drivers hogging the right hand lane as major sources of frustration on the road.


Those niggling frustrations can spiral out of control and escalate into a dangerous situations, Mr Evans said.

NRMA regional director Alan Evans said the data suggested that Canberrans were worse road rage offenders than their cross-border counterparts.

"We tailgate more, we tend to hog the right hand lane a bit more, and we make sure that we don't let other people in," Mr Evans said.

Mr Evans said Canberran drivers had a poor reputation.

"We've got to improve the reputation," he said.

"We're pretty smart, pretty intelligent in Canberra, let's show that we can apply the lessons... and be the most courteous drivers in the country.

"Take life easy, relax, make sure that you're relaxed when you drive, and others will be as well."


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