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Dawson a drawcard for retail therapy

Charlotte Dawson is coming to Canberra next weekend for a fashion workshop at Westfield Woden but her thoughts yesterday were with her great mate, designer Alex Perry, whose father Pericles died in Canberra last week.

Both will still be attending the Logies tomorrow, the pair starring as judges on Australia's Next Top Model.

Perry usually dresses Dawson for the big events but she is looking to go for something off-the-rack this time, giving her friend time to grieve.

''There won't be any spectaculars this year,'' she said.

Dawson was her usual straight-talking self yesterday despite suffering the flu ahead of what will be a big week, starting with the Logies, the debut of Celebrity Apprentice on WIN-TV and her visit to Canberra next Saturday.

The former model has featured heavily in the promos for Celebrity Apprentice with the expectation she will be the voice of truth, deflating a few egos along the way and happily describing the latest crop of personalities as ''D-listers''.


''I'm not worried about it at all. I've seen four episodes of it,'' she said.

''People want to see conflict and you're either into the banality of reality television or not.''

Dawson said she got on with most of her fellow contestants saying ''people will love Ben Dark'' and that she felt ''very protective'' towards Patti Newton as she went on the show despite her son Matthew's struggles.

''I think a lot of people were surprised [she went on] but there's also that train of thought, 'Just go and live your life', and that's why I was protective of her because she was aware people felt like that as well,'' she said.

Dawson will be hosting the free style workshop at Westfield Woden from 11am to 2pm next Sunday, April 22.

''It's usually a very interactive experience talking about fashion and trends and how to shop and incorporate this season into next season,'' she said.

And the big trend for winter?

''Colour, and I think that's a really positive thing,'' she said.

''We all find safety and comfort in black, I know I certainly do. But sass and bide have done some really beautiful bright knits and … brights look good on most ages too.''