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Dealer was caught holding bag

A drug dealer caught ''red handed'' after unwittingly shoving a bag of cannabis out his front door as police stood nearby has been ordered to perform community service. Jeremy Bernard Telesny, 22, pleaded guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court to drug trafficking, possession of cannabis and dealing with proceeds of crime.

The court heard Telesny's modest criminal enterprise was detected by police in unusual circumstances. Police patrolling in Griffith approached another man standing outside the front door of Telesny's public housing flat.

Officers questioned the man and moments later saw the door partially open to reveal an arm holding a bag of cannabis.

Telesny consented to a search of the premises, where police found about 50 grams of the drug, clip seal bags and $1590 in cash

The 22-year-old made full admissions to police about his criminal activity.

Telesny, who represented himself, told the court he wanted the matter settled. The court heard he had a minor criminal history, which mostly involved traffic offences, and owed thousands in unpaid speeding fines.


The young father had recently enrolled in a rehabilitation program to help him beat his cannabis addiction so he could become a good father to his five-month-old child. But a pre-sentence report, tendered in court, rated him a medium to high risk of reoffending.

Magistrate David Mossop on Wednesday accepted the unemployed man had turned dealer to support his own 14 gram-a-day cannabis habit.

Mr Mossop sentenced Telesny to perform 110 hours community service and sign an 18-month good behaviour order.

The magistrate ordered the defendant to undergo supervision, attend rehabilitation programs and submit to drug testing when directed. ''It is essential you keep away from cannabis because you have an opportunity to be a good father,'' Mr Mossop said.

''You will not be able to do that if you continue to use cannabis or are entangled with the law.''