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DeLoreans spotted in Watson as Blue World Order close to completion

One of the directors of a highly anticipated science fiction film has remained tight-lipped about crews spotted shooting in Canberra on the weekend.

Cameras were trained on several DeLoreans and actors clad in battle gear between the Watson shops and park on Sunday, according to a passerby.

Speculation is rife that the crews were filming pick-ups for Blue World Order, which was shot in the city last year.

Its cast includes veteran actor Bruce Spence, Stephen Hunter, who played the dwarf Bombur in The Hobbit, and American actor and producer Billy Zane.

While director and writer Che Baker would not confirm filming was related to Blue World Order when contacted on Tuesday, he did say they were about a month off from finishing the film.

He added the film was "getting some buzz" in Hollywood and he was in LA in talks regarding it. 


The story is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape in which civilisation has crumbled and all children have been killed by a massive electromagnetic pulse that also released a virus into the population.

Only one man, Jake Slater, is immune to the virus and his daughter Amy is the only surviving child on the planet.

Baker and his fellow writer/director Dallas Bland were adamant the fast-paced action adventure sci-fi flick with "everything from spinning kicks to laser battles" should be filmed in Canberra, they told Fairfax Media last year.

"We both had a good idea of some of the areas and the locations around the place so we wrote this quite specifically with Canberra people and locations in mind in order to produce something that was universal," Baker said.

"It's a universal story and a universal look to the film but we have access to people and places in Canberra that are hidden secrets that make the film look a lot more expensive ... We've got world class facilities and locations here."

The bulk of shooting was completed last year, in what was a busy year for the capital's film industry.

Filming took place for Foxtel political mini-series Secret City, Joe Cinque's Consolation, based on Helen Garner's best-selling 2004 book of the same title, and the ABC's The Code in 2015.

ScreenACT director Monica Penders has pegged 2016 as a massive year for Canberra film as well.

"We're just about to greenlight a new film through the Canberra Virtual Studio," she said.