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Drivers find ways to bypass dreaded new parking fees

Householders around Canberra's Parliamentary Triangle are already cashing in on the paid parking regime around the precinct, according to a private sector parking broker.

Car-parking matchmaker Parkhound says it is already setting up deals between local residents with spare car parks and office workers, mostly federal public servants, from around the triangle.

From July 1, tens of thousands of public servants in and around the national precinct will be hit by the federal government with parking fees of $11 a day for spaces they have enjoyed for free for decades.

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The move has sent bureaucrats scrambling for alternatives to paying the hated new fee and Sydney internet start-up Parkhound says it believes a lucrative new market for its services will develop in Canberra as the pay parking regime begins to bite.


The web-based service has grown in congested cities Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which connects drivers looking for parking with local property owners who have spare car spaces.

One of Parkhound's owners, Robert Crocitti, said his company had experienced a surge in interest from Canberra recently.

"Traditionally, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been our most popular cities but since the turn of the year we have seen a 322 per cent increase in visits from Canberrans and a doubling of booking requests," Mr Crocitti said.

"It appears that public servants are trying to plan ahead."

He said that one Parkhound customer from Barton has been leasing his garage to a public servant for the past three months for $40 a week.

Mr Crocitti said Parkhound was keen to spruik its "community sourced" car parks to the Triangle's workforce.

"Our community sourced parking spaces are cheaper than traditional alternatives and drivers don't have to worry about being back at a certain time as most of our listings are available 24/7," he said.

"We literally only have handful of parking spaces left in the Canberra area.''


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