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Drunk, dangerous driving in the wet a deadly combination: police

A drunk driver with a suspended license led police on a dangerous high speed chase through southern Canberra in the early hours of the morning.

Police said officers spotted a maroon Ford XR6 sedan doing burnouts and driving erratically near Woodcock Drive, Gordon, about 1.10am.

"Police activated their lights and sirens to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle, however it accelerated away," police said in a statement.

"Police pursued the vehicle as it travelled at excessive and dangerous speeds. Due to the dangerous manner of driving by the offender, police terminated the pursuit.

"Following tracks made by the vehicle, police located the offender who attempted to flee on foot. He was located shortly after and transported to Tuggeranong Police Station, where the suspended driver returned a positive blood-alcohol reading."

Officers seized the vehicle and a 21-year-old Gordon man will face court on traffic-related charges.

Acting Superintendent of Traffic Operations Rod Anderson said police were on the look-out for this type of unacceptable, anti-social behaviour.

“To drive drunk, as a suspended driver, in wet conditions, and in such a dangerous manner is a deadly combination,” he said.

“The police officers involved are to be commended for recognising the danger this man presented and making the decision to terminate the pursuit. This man’s behaviour could have had a devastating outcome if not for their actions.”