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Duntroon cadet committed to stand trial over alleged Anzac Day rape

A Duntroon cadet accused of choking and raping a fellow cadet on Anzac Day has been committed to stand trial.

Jonathan David Hibbert, 25, is fighting allegations that he sexually assaulted the young woman on the Royal Military College campus in April this year. 

Hibbert is accused of taking the young woman back to his room after a night of Anzac Day celebrations at the Campbell officer training institution.

Both had been drinking at a campus bar, and danced for a few hours, before going back to Hibbert's room.

It is alleged they began having consensual sex, but Hibbert ignored her requests to stop. 

Court documents suggest he pinned her down by placing a hand on her chest.


Police say the woman was petrified, and tried to get out from under him.

But Hibbert is accused of putting his hands around her neck and choking her, leaving her struggling to breathe.

She allegedly told him to stop again, saying she couldn't breathe, but Hibbert ignored her.

The female cadet was left in tears after the alleged ordeal, and Hibbert is accused of saying: 

"I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do?"

She is said to have called a superior, while Hibbert continued to apologise.

The female cadet left the room and told a fellow cadet she had been raped.

Hibbert is now facing a single assault charge and a charge of sexual intercourse without consent.

The case came before the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday, with Hibbert represented by lawyer Adrian McKenna.

The cadet maintained his pleas of not guilty, and was committed to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Prosecutors withdrew two other charges against Hibbert.

Hibbert was present in the court, and came before Magistrate Beth Campbell.

His case will appear in the ACT Supreme Court for the first time later this month.

Hibbert had recently volunteered himself to the City Police Station for a forensic procedure, the court heard. 

Mr McKenna said the defence had received most of the brief of evidence from prosecutors.