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'Enjoy my national humiliation' says Jorian

Suspended Canberra shock jock Jorian Gardner says he has been subjected to "national humiliation" after his on-air remarks about "upskirting" the Prime Minister.

Mr Gardner was slapped with an on-air ban by his Radio 2CC employers yesterday after joking on live radio about a Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy wearing a "penis cam" and fliming up Julia Gillard's skirt at cabinet meetings.

The host has been banned by station management from appearing on air and declined to be interviewed today but wrote on his blog of his humiliation after the story went national.

Mr Gardner wrote that he "put his foot in it" while reflecting on the extremes of privacy invasion after a story in yesterday's edition of The Canberra Times on calls for "lapel cams" for Canberra's police uniforms.

"I was talking about the extremes of privacy invasion when I was lead to making the, now upon reflection, stupid and silly comments," Mr Gardner told his online readers.

"Enjoy my national humiliation."