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Enjoy the warmth because it could snow in Canberra on Friday

Canberrans have been urged to make the most of an unseasonably warm start to the week with meteorologists refusing to rule out the possibility of snow falling in the city on Friday.

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben McBurnie was said while Canberra will enjoy maximum temperatures of 14 and 15 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, strong winds will bring a cold air mass across the territory on Thursday bringing showers, sleet and snow.

"Thursday is when the fun will kick off with wind gusts of up to 70 to 90 kilometres an hour in Canberra which may bring down trees and power lines and gusts of up to 100-120 kilometres an hour on the Alps," he said.

Mr McBurnie said he expected the Bureau of Meteorology to issue an extreme weather warning from the Canberra region on Tuesday and Thursday given the strong winds, and for snow to fall to the lowest levels this year from Thursday night.

"We should see snow fall to the lowest levels this season and it wouldn’t surprise me to see snow down to around 600 to 700 metres given the strength of the cold air front,” he said.

"The Brindabellas will get a few centimetres of snowfall and the hills around Canberra should get a dusting of snow."  


While Mr McBurnie said snowfall in Civic would be an optimistic forecast, he refused to rule it out given the potential for freezing temperatures and showers throughout the day.

Perisher and Thredbo are expected to receive 20-30cm of snowfall on Friday which would bring snow depths close to 2m for weekend visitors.

"Friday is currently forecast to be 10 degrees although there is a potential for this be revised to 8-9 degrees and with the expected wind chill it should feel more like 4-5 degrees," he said.

Mr McBurnie said Canberra was on track to record the coldest July since 2011 with overnight temperatures currently half a degree cooler than the -0.7 long-term average.

The daytime temperature average is currently 0.4 degrees higher than the long-term average of 12 degrees.