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Escaped dogs suspected in Canberra sheep killing

Authorities are investigating reports that two escaped pet dogs have killed five sheep in Canberra’s north-west over the weekend.

Domestic Animal Services rangers were called after five sheep were attacked by two German Shepherds in West Belconnen on Sunday.

The dogs suspected in the attack were traced to a Canberra address, where the animals were reported missing from about two weeks ago.

Rangers are now making regular patrols in Holt, and have called on the public to assist by reporting any sightings of the dogs.

However DAS have warned members of the public not to approach the animals or attempt to capture them.

Sightings of two German Shepherds roaming in the West Belconnen area should be called through to Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.


A DAS spokesman said when a dog is caught following an "attack/harass incident", the animal involved may be impounded at the DAS facility pending a full investigation into the incident.

The Registrar of DAS then makes an assessment on whether the animal is suitable for release back into the community, taking into account a range of factors.

If the dog has been declared dangerous conditions may be imposed on the release of the dog, the spokesman said.