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European wasps, red foxes and wild deer declared pests in Canberra

Canberrans can no longer keep or supply European wasps after the government declared them banned on Monday.

The European red fox and certain exotic fish species were also declared prohibited pest animals by Environment Minister Mick Gentleman.

People already owning the banned fish were asked to prevent them escaping into the wild and told not to sell them.

"Declaring pest animals as prohibited reduces the risk the animals will escape, or be released, and establish wild populations or spread in the ACT or other Australian states," Mr Gentleman said.

"This is important because the European red fox preys on native fauna and livestock such as lambs.

"Likewise, when exotic fish populations establish in waterways, they can impact on native aquatic plants and animals, water quality and social amenity such as recreational fishing."


Wild deer were also pronounced pests, but there was no ban on keeping or supplying them. People who wanted to keep deer as pets or livestock were asked to apply for a nature conservation licence.

Wild cats were not banned because of concerns about distinguishing them from domestic pets.

"These declarations follow consultation with the community, which helped to inform the declaration process," Mr Gentleman said.

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