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Fashions of the times

INVOLVING more than 40 photographers, stylists and models, it has been billed as one of the most elaborate fashion shoots ever staged in the capital.

In The City magazine, free in tomorrow's The Canberra Times, will publish the results of its mammoth task as part of a fashion special edition.

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In the City rooftop soiree

PANPA award-winning magazine In The City celebrated its third anniversary with a glamorous red-carpet rooftop soiree.

Editorial and creative director Mils Achi said the project was designed to capture the feel of fashion through the decades.

''I wanted the shoots to encompass various eras in history and instead of having each era shot by one person, I wanted to get all the creatives - photographers and stylists - in Canberra to showcase their talents,'' he said.

Decades, starting with the 1950s, were assigned to small teams.

''They interpreted it in their own way and I think they all have a unique sense about them.''


Fashion photographer Robert Coppa chose the theme of 2000 and beyond.

''I had the location scoped. I knew where I wanted to shoot right from the beginning,'' Mr Coppa said.

The background for the moody shoot was an alleyway in Civic. ''It's part of a building that has a very metallic look and a futuristic feel. And we opted to go for the clean look rather than the grungy post-apocalyptic look, which I think is a little bit overdone these days,'' he said.

The US native said he was inspired by the garments.

''The wardrobe reflected the clean lines,'' he said. ''There is a handful of very talented photographers in Canberra and I think it's growing now.''