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Fewer jobs, but games go on at Manuka

The ACT's perceived loyalty to Labor may have made Canberra public service jobs easy targets just before an election.

But it may also be reflected in the amounts of money awarded to major upgrades at Manuka Oval and North Queensland's Tony Ireland Stadium.

In Townsville on Tuesday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said 800 public service jobs would go, and then promised $5.3million towards an upgrade of Tony Ireland Stadium, which hosts cricket and Australian football.

Under Julia Gillard, the federal government shelled out $2.5million to help pay for the installation of broadcast-quality lights at Manuka.

Townsville is located in the electorate of Herbert, which the Liberal National Party holds by a 2.2 per cent margin. In the ACT, Labor holds Canberra by 9.1 per cent and Fraser by 14.2 per cent.


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