Gianni Ciaccia from Lyneham in front of his home he is neighbour to murder victim Nicholas Sofer- Schreiber.

Gianni Ciaccia in front of his Lyneham home, where he was a neighbour to murder victim Nicholas Sofer- Schreiber. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

Police have finalised their crime scene investigations as the hunt continues for the killers of two Canberra men.

Neighbourhoods in Lyneham and Phillip returned to their summer slumber on Monday as police forensic teams packed up after a week of evidence gathering.

The capital was rocked after three men were found dead in their homes within eight days.

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber.

Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber. Photo: Supplied

Police are treating the deaths of Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber and Miodrag Gajic as homicides, but do not suspect foul play in the death of a man found by neighbours in his Bega Court flat at the weekend.

It is understood no charges have been laid in either murder case.

Mr Sofer-Schreiber was found dead with multiple stab wounds in his Hall Street unit on December 28.

Friends found the avid punk fan's body when they went to his home as he had not been seen since Boxing Day. Authorities said there were no signs of a struggle or forced entry, and burglary or robbery did not appear to be a motive.

Police are speaking to a number of ''persons of interest'' in relation to the death.

Neighbour Gianni Ciaccia said the murder had shaken the quiet complex. "My wife has been a little scared; she's had a few sleepless nights," Mr Ciaccia said.

"I'm personally not worried. Maybe I'll get scared now [the police] have gone."

Across town, Mr Gajic, 71, died after suffering significant head injuries in his Phillip unit on New Year's Day. Neighbours believed Mr Gajic, who was also known as Michael and Mick, had been dealing cannabis from his Mansfield Place home.

Police are yet to disclose whether a weapon was used in the murder and are still determining whether anything was stolen or missing from the unit.

Forensics were still on site but near the end of their investigations at the Philip crime scene on Monday afternoon.

Resident Wade Peter Dubsky returned from the Mawson shops to discover police and paramedics on the scene.

Mr Dubsky said the murder had been a shock as the complex was quiet and friendly compared to other public housing blocks in which he had lived.

He admitted to bolstering home security - including locking his doors and windows - since the murder in fear the killer could return.

Mr Dubsky he would not sleep easy until the culprit was in custody.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.