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Former Canberra Comanchero 'bikie boss' jailed for insurance fraud and drug charges

A former Canberra bikie boss has been locked up for insurance fraud and his part in a drug selling operation.

Peter Zdravkovic, 33, was sentenced in the ACT Supreme Court on Wednesday to a total of 21 months jail. His will be eligible for parole in December next year.

Acting Justice David Robinson questioned claims Zdravkovic had changed his life, including cutting ties with the Comanchero Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. Zdravkovic had been the gang's ACT chapter president. 

In April last year, the Comanchero Canberra members had been using a shed at Zdravkovic's south Tuggeranong home as a clubhouse. 

The shed had been decorated with Comanchero flags and motifs, a workshop, gym equipment, and a bathroom. 

A police raid on the clubhouse located 242.9 grams of cocaine (32.1 per cent pure), 226.2 grams of methamphetamine (10.5 per cent pure), scales, and an ice pipe, in a cupboard.


The drugs had an estimated street value of between $96,000 and $196,000.

The court heard Zdravkovic did not intend to personally sell or supply the drugs, but had been aware drugs had been kept in the shed and that other members would likely use, sell or supply the substances.

The fraud charge relates to damage Zdravkovic's uninsured Mercedes Benz suffered in a crash with a kangaroo near Lake George in March 2014.

Zdravkovic did not report the accident, but instead insured the vehicle the next day, and then made a damages claim for $82,721.44 nine days later.

Police uncovered the plot via phone intercepts as Zdravkovic's communications were being monitored at the time.

Zdravkovic has been in custody since October after he pleaded guilty to insurance fraud and being knowingly concerned in the possession of ice and cocaine with the intention of selling or supplying the drugs.

Acting Justice David Robinson handed down his sentence on Wednesday.

The court heard Zdravkovic had been rated a low risk of general re-offending as he had a job, family support, and no alcohol or drug issues.

Although the judge noted that an ongoing association with the Comancheros could affect that rating.

"The matter of his ongoing association with members of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club could impact on his risk of recidivism," Acting Justice Robinson said.

"I ... place no weight on what I consider to be self-serving, untested statement of the offender that he no longer associates with those companions.

"The offender could have given evidence attesting to the truthfulness of the statement but chose not to do so."