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Fuel contamination: Mitchell petrol pump closed after breakdowns

Operators of the Mitchell Caltex service station are assuring customers there is no problem with their fuel, saying an issue with one petrol pump was identified last week and it has since remained closed.

Last Saturday, September 6, NRMA patrols tended to five broken-down cars in the area, all driven by people who said they just bought fuel from the Mitchell site.

NRMA spokesman, Peter Khoury, confirmed the breakdowns and said in all five roadside reports indicated the initial roadside diagnosis was logged as a case of suspected fuel contamination. 

The service station operator, who declined to be interviewed last Saturday, said there was no problem.

"There was an issue identified with a particular pump," he said. "There is no problem at Caltex Mitchell apart from that line, which has been shut down since the problem was identified."

"There were only a few cars involved and we have been trading since that day selling thousands and thousands of litres of petrol with no problems whatsoever," he said.   

"The attendants took all the names of the people that had a problem and contact has been made with those people."