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Good behaviour order for man after drug deal at Charnwood McDonald's

A Canberra man has been placed on an 18-month good behaviour order after pleading guilty of facilitating a drug deal in the car park of the Charnwood McDonald's in November 2012.

David Attridge, 33, appeared in the ACT Supreme Court on Thursday morning alongside co-offender Alex Bourne, 27, who is alleged to be a member of the Rebels motorcycle gang.

Attridge's lawyer told the court his client introduced Bourne to Adel Kassouh, a man he knew through a shared interest in motorcycles, and was merely a facilitator in the drug deal.

According to an agreed statement of facts, Mr Kassouh had urged Attridge to introduce him to Bourne  so he could buy the drugs.

After several days of communication between Mr Kassouh and Attridge, the three men met at the Charnwood McDonald's on November 15 and then travelled to a house in Holt.

Later that day, Bourne and Mr Kassouh returned to the McDonald's car park, where police observed Bourne place a white shopping bag in Mr Kassouh's car.


A police search of the car found 263.4 grams of cannabis in the shopping bag.

The prosecution argued the drug deal would not have happened unless Attridge had introduced the two men, and called for sentencing to include community service, as well as a good behaviour order.  

But Justice John Burns told the court he was satisfied Attridge played only a minor role and accepted his plea of guilty as a sign of remorse and a desire to live a "pro-social" life.

Justice Burns said Attridge had minimal prior convictions, with none related to drug offences, was looking to re-enter the workforce, and had a medium-to-low risk of reoffending.

He said a community service sentence would be excessive, given Attridge's ongoing rehabilitation for a shoulder injury, his study commitments, and his responsibilities to his three children.

Bourne will appear before the court for sentencing on December 18.