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Goodness of her art for fire victims

CANBERRA artist Margaret Hadfield-Zorgdrager learned her skills painting the landscapes of the Warrumbungles.

After bushfires tore through the national park last Sunday, destroying 51 homes near Coonabarabran, she was contacted by a family who lost their house in the blaze.

The caller was Noni McCarthy, daughter of Jeanette and Bob Fenwick, whose Timor Road house was burnt while Mr Fenwick fought to protect other properties.

The Fenwicks had two of Ms Hadfield-Zorgdrager's paintings in their home and Ms McCarthy wanted to know if she could buy replacements. "One was an anniversary present given to them by their children," Ms Hadfield-Zorgdrager said.

"That really touched me, and I thought about it for a few days, and I've offered to try to repaint those paintings as best I can."

The artist, who lived half of her life in Coonabarabran before moving to Canberra, will replace the paintings for free.

And Ms Hadfield-Zorgdrager also wants to donate more artworks to families who have lost their homes and must rebuild.

She is collecting works at her Curtin gallery, done by herself and other Canberra artists, and wants more local artists and studios to consider making donations.

Artists or galleries that want to donate work can do so at the Margaret Hadfield Gallery-Studio at Curtin Shopping Centre.