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Government 'still failing' children in care: public advocate

The Royal Commission into institutional sex abuse should be broadened to examine other forms of neglect and abuse of children in care, according to ACT Public Advocate Anita Phillips.

And Ms Phillips, whose office acts as legal guardian for many of Canberra's most vulnerable children, has warned that government-run institutions are still failing in their duties to protect the youngsters in the their care.

"Part of my legislated functions is to monitor the services provided to such vulnerable people as children in the Care of the Territory, and I believe the institutions established to provide protection are still letting down these and other young people," Ms Phillips said today.

"They are at risk of becoming the lost souls of the future".

Ms Phillips said government-run institutions should be thoroughly investigated by the commission, which was announced by the Prime Minister on Monday.

"These institutions – children's homes, disability accommodation, single mother's homes, schools and similar facilities - were run not only by Catholic but by many other denominational organisations, and by government authorities as well," Ms Phillips.

"And the abuse was not only sexual, but physical and emotional leaving life-long scars."