Neighbour Donna Flack, left, holding Harper Lassock, 10 months, Cooper Lassock, 6, Mia Lasscock, 4, and neighbour Renee Smith.

Neighbour Donna Flack, left, holding Harper Lassock, 10 months, Cooper Lassock, 6, Mia Lasscock, 4, and neighbour Renee Smith. Photo: Graham Tidy

The recent death of Queanbeyan footballer and father of three Jay Lasscock has left his family struggling to pick up the pieces.

His wife Samantha and her three young children are facing a difficult time, living in a partially renovated house without the income or skills to finish off the family home they bought in 2009.

The Canberra Times is putting out the call to tradesmen and local businesses to help the family finish the renovations and provide a safe and comfortable home for their children, Cooper, 6, Mia, 4, and Harper, 10 months.

Mr Lasscock's father Colin said his son was the breadwinner for his young family, and that the pair had been knocking off jobs one by one until his son's death in September.

''It's not quite finished. We were waiting on some of his football money to come through and we were going to paint it, and then when he had a little bit of extra money we were going to finish a few bits and pieces inside.''

However many of the remaining jobs required tradesmen, he said.

''With the painting, it's got to be done properly, because a lot of the old existing stuff has to be rubbed back to bare timber.

''It's not just a matter of slapping on a coat of paint. Otherwise we would have done it already. It's a major job.''

Mr Lasscock's football club, the Queanbeyan Blues, have also come to the family's aid, and in conjunction with the Belconnen United Scholars has raised money for the family.

''Through the football club they've raised $11,000, which is just amazing,'' Mrs Lasscock said.

''I've just got that sitting in an account. I don't know whether to use that on the house, or put it away for the kids when they're older.''

However there are still several jobs the family need help with, including:

■ sanding and painting the outside of the house;

■ some carpentry work in the laundry;

■ glass work and decking around the back deck;

■ some painting inside the house;

■ connecting the stormwater on the extension

■ decking out the front of the house

■ concreting the driveway

■ new Colorbond fencing along the side of the house.

Next-door neighbour Donna Flack has also been working hard to help the family, door knocking local businesses and securing some badly needed items.

''I was hoping that local tradesmen could offer their services, material and time so that Sam doesn't have to part with anything, because she needs it for the kids,'' Ms Flack said.

Jay's workmates from Essential Energy have also offered their skills to install some new wiring in the house.

''Most of the community has been really good,'' Colin Lasscock said.

''Sam just needs a bit more help to get things finished.''

''The idea is that the kids will have this house,'' Mrs Lasscock said. ''That's all I've got to worry about now, making sure that they've got everything that they need.''

■ Tradespeople or suppliers willing to help the Lasscocks can contact Donna Flack on 0408 248 266 or 6297 0046. Financial donations to the Lasscock family trust fund would also be gratefully accepted.