Two people involved in a violent home invasion in which the victim was bound, beaten, and warned she would have her tongue cut out have walked free from court.

Paul David Kelly, 31, and a woman, who cannot be named because she was only 17 at the time, were sentenced on Friday for their role in the attack, which saw a woman bound with tape, beaten repeatedly with a sheathed machete, and her foot cut with theblade.

Two others, Peter Dennis Blundell, then 30, and a 14-year-old girl, were sentenced in 2011 over their role in the home invasion, which took place in December 2010.

The attack was sparked by Blundell’s anger at the victim, who he believed had given an under-age girl drugs and drawn her into prostitution.

Blundell - who carried the machete and was described as the main instigator of the attack - was sentenced to two years and eight months jail in August 2011.

At one point, Blundell told the victim he would ‘‘cut her tongue out’’ if she didn’t stop screaming.

Kelly was carrying a baseball bat during the home invasion.

The court heard he instilled fear in the victim, and stood by while she was being cut by the sword.

It heard Kelly later felt ‘‘horrible and ashamed of himself’’ over his role in the attack.

He claimed he was coerced by Blundell to help him.

The woman, now 19, also claimed she was pressured into the attack.

She convinced the victim to let the three others into her home, telling her they were coming to apologise for previous threatening behaviour.

But Supreme Court Justice Hilary Penfold said she had expressed considerable remorse.

The court heard the she would ‘‘apologise 1000 times’’ to the victim if she saw her, but acknowledged that saying sorry was not enough.

Kelly has already spent 17 months in custody for the home invasion.

He was sentenced to two years and three months jail, but had the remaining 11 months of his sentence suspended. He was given a 12 month good behaviour order.

The 17-year-old avoided a conviction over the incident, with Justice Penfold saying she appeared to have turned her life around.

She was also given a 12 month good behaviour order