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Hydroponic equipment dumped at high school

A haul of hydroponic equipment found dumped at a northside school may be linked to the discovery of a major cannabis grow house in Macgregor last week.

Police were tipped off on Monday to a large collection of hydroponic bulbs, ducting, and liquid fertiliser that had been dumped near bins at Kaleen High School.

Detectives are currently trying to determine where the haul is from, and are investigating possible links to houses in the immediate area.

But they say the hydroponic gear may be related to the discovery of a cannabis grow house in Macgregor on Friday.

"These items were similar to those that might have been used in the cannabis grow house, and given the timing around what occurred on Friday in Macgregor, that is a line of inquiry that we're following," detective sergeant Shane Scott said.

Police found 94 cannabis plants and a sophisticated grow house in the uninhabited property in Macgregor, after a passer-by noticed water leaks.


Detective sergeant Scott said the dumped equipment at Kaleen High had undergone forensic testing, but couldn't say whether that process had produced any usable evidence.

He said there was a large amount of fertiliser, and many light bulbs, which could indicate the hydroponic set up was quite large.

Investigations are continuing into the grow house discovered in Macgregor, and police are still trying to make contact with the property owners.

Authorities are urging Canberrans to be aware of the warning signs that a grow house may be operating nearby.

"Generally what might give an indication is unkept yards, infrequent visitors to the house, occupants that are keeping to themselves or being secretive about their business, strange smells, bright lights 24/7, and ventilation and hoses going into the premises," detective sergeant Scott said.

Police are seeking assistance from anyone with information on the equipment dumped near the bins at Kaleen High School to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the Crime Stoppers website.