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Ikea to push furniture delivery company out of business

While the debate rages over whether the arrival of flat-pack firm Ikea in the ACT will cost local jobs, there are two men who will lose work no matter what. 

Bring It Home owners Loyzek Cervek and Michael Serne have been bringing furniture back to the ACT from Ikea stores in Sydney for more than five years.

Mr Cervek said they began the business as a part-time hobby on the side of their full-time jobs, transporting flat-pack furniture for needy Canberrans.

Although they always knew they'd be pushed out of business one day, they thought they would have a bit more time.

"They always had this policy of a certain population level before they opened a store," he said.

"What we originally heard was their population level was a million people, so we thought we had a lot of time up our sleeve – more than we needed.


"So we were quite surprised when they came, but there were always rumours and we knew it was inevitable."

Mr Cervek said neither he nor his co-owner were worried about the business closing and it had been a lot of fun while it lasted, giving them something to look forward to every month.

"Heaps of people have been happy with our service. We've had excellent feedback and people were always happy to see us. So we will be sad to see it go but it wasn't something we expected to do forever," he said.

Mr Serne said they had become quite close with Ikea management and, as such, had heard rumours for a couple of years that something might be in the works.

They had been thinking about opening a little shop front, but that will not happen now.

"You're running your own little business, it's going well – we've both got full-time jobs, but it's a little sad something like that is coming to an end," he said.

"We might discuss with [Ikea] if we can help in another way. Otherwise we'll have to have a big closing down party."


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