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Illegal parking compulsory now? Parliamentary triangle's embarrassing parking sign bungle

Signs warning against parking bandits in the area surrounding Parliament House can often be ambiguous.

But the next example is the king of confusing communication. 

"Illegal parking will be enforced," the sign says.

That's correct, the sign suggests parking illegally in the parliamentary triangle is now compulsory. 

Let it be known to all that formerly outlawed parking behaviour is now imposed, required, sanctioned and prescribed. The revolution of improper parking begins now.   


To make it worse, the dodgy words are flashing on a large sign for thousands of passing motorists.

The sign is erected near Commonwealth Avenue for the Enlighten festival. Authorities often have to deal with a number of people parking their cars illegally due to the crowds at the festival. 

It is located a short stroll from half a dozen signs - reported on earlier this week - which say "No parking offenders will be fined"

The Australian Public Service, as is its practice every year, will soon hold classes on grammar and punctuation for federal public servants. 

It is believed public servants have paid a significant amount of the $3.6 million collected in the past three months to park in the parliamentary triangle.