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In debt and carless, woman turns her back on Canberra

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Leanne Burrows had only just got a new car after her old one was written off by vandals, when misfortune struck again.

The Calwell woman is now left with thousands of dollars of debt, and is is packing her bags for a new city.  

Ms Burrows moved to the Canberra suburb of Calwell less than a year ago and has since lost two cars to theft and vandalism within three months.

The first was damaged when offenders “went on a rampage and rolled cars” in mid-January. 

Then, just weeks ago, her replacement vehicle was stolen and written off on April 23.

“In three months I had two cars written off, two open police investigations and $7000 in debt with nothing to show for it,” the 42 year old said.


“I don’t want to buy another car now because I’m paranoid.”

Ms Burrows said despite having her second car insured, she only received $30, bringing the total cash back for the two wrecks to just $70.

“My first car wasn’t insured and even if it was, it wouldn’t be covered under fire or theft because it was just vandalism,” she said.

“I’m very unimpressed. I think it’s the worst place to live.”

Ms Burrows is now moving back to Melbourne, where she previously lived.

“I came here to make a new [life] and now I’m going backwards,” she said.

“I move back to Melbourne in three weeks. And if anyone ever said they were moving here, I’d tell them ‘no’.”

ACT Policing described the spate of vandalism during January as “mindless acts of property damage”, after four cars were flipped on their roofs throughout Calwell, Monash and Gilmore.