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Information session to discuss more public housing for East Greenway on Lake Tuggeranong

Residents and the ACT government remain at odds over the likely impact of proposed new public housing slated for East Greenway, on the eastern shores of Lake Tuggeranong.

A drop-in information session on the issue is being held on Tuesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Hall, off Mortimer Lewis Drive in Greenway.

Public Housing Renewal Taskforce executive director David Collett said after speaking with residents late last year and attending the December meeting of the Tuggeranong Community Council, the taskforce committed to undertake further studies and report back in February.

"Among the issues raised were the options of siting the housing cluster towards the southern intersection of Mortimer Lewis Drive with Drakeford Drive; concerns over safety in relation to traffic, parking, pedestrians and cyclists; infrastructure capacity; and building heights," Mr Collett said.

Some residents have questioned the value of doing traffic studies in January, a time of year that is usually quieter on the roads because people were on holidays, out of town and not at work.

"It was necessary to undertake traffic studies in January as the taskforce had committed to report back to residents in February," Mr Collett said.


"The Land Development Agency had previously surveyed traffic on Mortimer Lewis Drive and Roads ACT had also undertaken traffic studies in 2014 in response to a request by residents. The findings in January were consistent with these previous studies."

Residents had previously said East Greenway had enough public housing and the government was creating another public housing enclave.

A resident has raised the prospect that there would be 52 private residences and 48 public residences in the Dodds Place-Bibb Place general area if the public housing goes ahead.

"In the Waterside block of [private] units, out of 12 units, there are eight single women, six of those are over 70 years of age. They are very frightened of having public housing on both sides of their homes," the resident said.

Mr Collett said in the area bounded by Drakeford Drive and Mortimer Lewis Drive, there were currently 130 residences, 20 of which were public.

Should the development of Block 2 Section 28 proceed, there would be about 280 residences, 46 of which would be public, he said.

The taskforce will also present the outcomes of its investigations at the Tuggeranong Community Council's meeting in March.s