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Inmate attacked with razor in prison gang bashing, court hears

Prisoners bashed a Canberra jail inmate and cut him with a razor, a court has heard,

The man had scratches and cuts on his upper back, chest, arms, forehead and legs after the attack.

Three men have been jailed on charges of assault over the incident at the Alexander Maconochie Centre in February last year.

Christopher James Rowland, 22, and Stephen McCracken, 23, were both sentenced to three months in jail in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday.

Harley Douch was previously given a four-month suspended sentence.

A fourth man is yet to face the court.


Court documents said the victim taunted other prisoners and called them "dogs" as he stood in the door of his cell in the remand unit shortly before the incident.

"You're all dogs. My door's open, I dare yous to come in here," the man yelled.

The four men then entered the cell, and McCracken came out about eight seconds later to stand by the door.

Rowland, Roberts, and the fourth man then bashed the victim.

CCTV captured the men entering and leaving the cell, court documents said.

The victim alleged he had been punched, kicked, and cut with a razor during the attack.

Rowland later admitted they had gone into the cell to scare the victim so he would "shut up", because he often yelled and banged on the walls of his cell.

Rowland admitted they had attacked the victim, but he denied they had weapons.

Guards searched the offenders but did not find any weapons.

Magistrate Bernadette Boss, in sentencing, said gang bashings inside the jail were serious offences and could lead to a significant deterioration of safety and good order in the prison system.

Dr Boss said jail was the only appropriate punishment.