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It's a snap: family treasures sway judges

Robyn Geering dedicates herself to capturing life's magic moments, and has just earned a magic moment in return. The Canberra mother has just been named Australian family photographer of the year by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

The awards, handed out at the weekend, were judged according to originality, creativity, technical skills, quality of printing and presentation.

Ms Geering said she was "completely overwhelmed and shocked" to receive the award.

"It was very unexpected and it's a dream come true," she said.

"Just being among the best photographers in Australia was an incredibly humbling experience. It's been a big year."

Ms Geering was also crowned the 2013 ACT family photographer of the year.


She said photography had been ever-present throughout her life, but saw it as a potential career when her children were born.

"Something I always want to do with my family is remember a particular moment in time," she said.

"I wanted to do that for my family as well as other people."

Ms Geering's children are now teenagers, and over that time she's witnessed a remarkable change in the industry and how it works.

"The digital camera has changed everything," she said. "There's a whole world out there of things that can be done with images."

Ms Geering said the digital era has "set the bar higher" giving more people a platform to share and capture photos. But she said the need for skilled, quality photographers would shine through.

Ms Geering said "hands down" the best photos were the ones that captured connections.

"You don't need to be technically brilliant," she said.