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Jail for officer cadet who sexually assaulted colleague's wife

An army officer cadet who sexually assaulted the wife of a fellow soldier at her home has been sentenced to five years jail.

An ACT Supreme Court jury in July found Paul Edward Buckley, 24, guilty of two counts of sexual intercourse without consent, and one of burglary.

A drunken Buckley went to the house on the Royal Military College campus after a superior ordered him to leave a formal Duntroon dinner event in April last year.

The woman, who had been sleeping on her couch, woke to the sound of her door opening, and hoped her husband had come home.

Buckley did not say a word, kissed and caressed the woman, pulled her pants down and then performed a number of sexual acts on her.

She became suspicious the man was not her husband and switched on the light to see Buckley as she chased him from the house.


She called police and Buckley was arrested about 5am.

During the trial, Buckley said he was so drunk he could not remember the incident.

Acting Justice John Nield on Friday accepted Buckley's remorse and shame and commended him for swearing off alcohol.

The judge jailed Buckley for five years, backdated to take into account time spent in custody.

The offender will be eligible for parole in January, 2016.