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Jail time over weapons, drug offences

A man who was found with a stash of knives, a "significant amount" of ammunition, drugs, and prescription medication will spend nearly three months in jail, and another three months in weekend detention.

Emeka Okwechime, 25, was sentenced on Monday afternoon for a string of drug, weapon, and driving offences dating from late 2011 to August last year.

The more serious offences stemmed from a police raid on Okwechime's Tuggeranong home on August 12 last year.

Police were responding to reports that a bullet had been fired into the wall of a neighbour's property.

The search uncovered no firearm and did not charge Okwechime with discharging the bullet.

But the subsequent search uncovered more than 300 bullets for several different types of firearms, as well as knives, and capsicum spray.


Police also found methylamphatemine, cannabis, and prescription drugs, including sleeping pills, sedatives, and the ADHD-drug Ritalin.

The court heard that Okwechime collected knives and kept them for "personal protection".

In sentencing Okwechime, Magistrate Peter Morrison noted he had a "significant criminal history for a 25-year-old".

The pre-sentence report found that Okwechime was an "intelligent, articulate, and resourceful" man, with a stable family and prospects for rehabilitation.

Okwechime told the authors of the pre-sentence report he now knew that he should not have been in possession of the knives.

Magistrate Morrison noted there was nothing to indicate why this "dawning of knowledge" had not occurred after similar offences Okwechime was convicted for in the past.

Okwechime was also sentenced for a string of traffic offences, including driving while suspended and driving the wrong way down a one way street.

He was sentenced to jail until May 13, and will serve periodic detention upon release until August 12. The remainder of his sentence will be suspended and Okwechime will be placed on a two year good behaviour order.

The court heard Okwechime was studying a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management at the University of Canberra.

It heard he occasionally abused alcohol and drugs, including nightly cannabis use to help with anxiety.