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Judge gives heroin-addict robber chance to straighten out

A drug user who hit ''rock bottom'' and robbed two supermarkets last year has been warned he is ''getting too old'' to change his ways.

Ferhat Michael Kilicaslan, 32, faced the ACT Supreme Court for sentencing on Monday afternoon for two armed robberies committed a week apart in April last year.

Kilicaslan was using heroin, the court heard, and planned the robberies at supermarkets in Scullin and Theodore.

He wore a disguise and armed himself with a knife in both crimes, threatening the workers and demanding they put money in a bag.

He took $350 in Scullin before being chased from the store, and $1600 in Theodore. Police searched his home in June, and Kilicaslan was arrested.

He has since pleaded guilty to the offences and spent nearly five months in custody before being bailed for drug rehabilitation.


The court heard he had shown genuine remorse and was highly motivated to deal with his substance abuse.

Justice Hilary Penfold ruled she would defer sentencing until April next year to give him time to complete his drug rehabilitation. She said that if he was successful, he could expect 12 months of periodic detention and a three-year good-behaviour order. But if he failed, he would face a more severe sentence, including a stint in full-time custody.

Justice Penfold told Kilicaslan he had a ''very clear choice''. He had an opportunity for a different, ''much more satisfying'' life. ''You're getting too old for this,'' she said. ''If you don't take the chance … you'll find it harder and harder to change your ways.''

Kilicaslan will be sentenced on April 10 next year, but will be back in court in November for a progress check.