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July throws up hotter and colder days

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Those quarrelling over whether July in Canberra this year was hotter or colder than usual are so far all correct.

To date, July 4 saw the coldest minimum temperature of minus 6.1 degrees. July 13 recorded the highest maximum of 16.6 degrees and the highest minimum of 7.1 degrees. The lowest maximum was on July 10 at 10.3 degrees. July's mean maximum temperature to date of 13.1 degrees is well above the July average of 11.4 degrees. Similarly, the mean minimum of minus 1 degree is below the July average of 0.1 degree.

The wider variation is attributed to clear skies. This is borne out by July's average daily sunlight hours of 6.2, compared with the July average of 5.8 hours. Unusually, the wider temperature range and higher than normal sunshine tends to indicate less rain but so far with 38 millimetres recorded at Canberra Airport, July almost hit the long-term average of 41 millimetres. Canberra's rainfall this year remains above average with 499 millimetres recorded so far. The average for the first seven months is 337 millimetres, hence with catchments remaining moist, Canberra's water storages remain 99 per cent full.