Guilty ... Corey James Martin murdered Andre Le Dinh in his Belconnen unit in May 2010.

Guilty ... Corey James Martin murdered Andre Le Dinh in his Belconnen unit in May 2010.

A jury has found Corey James Martin guilty of murdering a “jockey-sized” drug dealer in a vicious bashing and robbery in 2010.

Martin, 39, did not react as the jury delivered its verdict on Tuesday, after a two-week murder trial in the ACT Supreme Court.

Martin, a large man of 110 kilograms and 189cm, was accused of planning to rob public servant and cannabis dealer Andre Le Dinh, 26, in his Belconnen unit in May 2010.

Victim Andre Le Dinh.

Victim Andre Le Dinh. Photo: Supplied

He went briefly to his daughter-in-law’s apartment, who lived in the unit opposite to Mr Le Dinh, before knocking on the victim’s door on the night of May 10.

The Crown – led by Director of Public Prosecutions Jon White – said Martin immediately set about “subduing” the much smaller man, who weighed 48kg and stood 165 centimetres tall.

He allegedly punched and kicked him repeatedly in the head during a bashing that left blood splattered across the small apartment.

Mr Le Dinh was left with horrific injuries, including multiple fractures to his skull, and was choking on his own blood in his final breaths.

Neighbours reported hearing a sound like a bowling ball being dropped on the floor on the night.

Mr Le Dinh’s brother found him dead in the flat the next day.

The court heard tapped phone conversations months before the murder, during which Martin planned the robbery of Mr Le Dinh.

The recordings also showed Martin trying to “workshop” stories that would clear him of any involvement in the crime.

It also heard evidence from witnesses who said Martin smirked when he saw a news report on the death, and remarked that Mr Le Dinh might still be alive if he hadn’t kicked him so many times.

But Martin had argued he was acting in self-defence, after the smaller man became aggressive when he asked for cannabis on credit.

Martin said Mr Le Dinh had grabbed him by the scruff and pushed him.

He said that he had no idea what injuries he had inflicted during the fight, and that Mr Le Dinh had been standing and conscious when he left the apartment.

The DNA of a third, unknown man was found in the unit, and there were suggestions that another man may have been responsible for the death.

Martin had also admitted to making plans to rob Mr Le Dinh, but said those plans had since changed.

He said he saw $30,000 cash and four pounds of cannabis lying on Mr Le Dinh’s coffee table after the fight, and denied knowing the location of the dealer’s stash in a hiding place in the laundry, as the Crown had alleged.

But Mr White accused Martin of telling a “pack of lies”, creating a fictitious story that would fit with the gaps in the Crown’s evidence against him.

The jury took one day to find Martin guilty of murder.

He will wait in prison until the sentencing proceedings begin in August.