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Summernats 2016: Lady car lovers enjoy the 'Nats life

Summernats may be the home of the traditionally macho attractions of modified cars, but it hasn't stopped Hayley-Jade Franke getting behind the drivers' seat at EPIC. 

The young mother, 22, from Liverpool, ensured her place as a finalist in the naturally aspirated section of the Horsepower Heroes competition on Saturday, reward for her work doing up her 2009 Ford Falcon FG-G6 purchased early last year.

"It's a dream to drive and you've got the power when you need it," she said. 

The section, decided on Sunday, is for those cars with no forced induction (no turbo or supercharge, as Ms Franke taught this reporter). 

Ms Franke said she had been coming along with her family every year since Summernats 8 (1995), and her son, Leo, was now showing interest and asking for burnouts. 


"He loves it, he's been here since he was three weeks old," she said. 

She said the event continued to "get rowdy" on a Saturday night, but agreed with her father, also Leo, that it was the spectators – those who did not own cars – rather than the entrants who caused any problems. 

Nearby, Helen Henry, from Darwin, was letting her three daughters have an early paper-based go at spray painting. 

She said the crowd behaviour had improved from when she last visited 10 years ago, but she made sure she and the girls were done by about 5pm each day. 

 "Tuff Street is fine in the morning but in the afternoon people get a bit excited," she said.

"I come to see the cars, I grew up in a car family, we didn't come for a music show."