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Lawsuit alleging CFMEU construction site blockade goes into mediation

A lawsuit that alleges CFMEU ACT officials blockaded a northside work site last year has been sent to mediation.

The case against the union officials alleges they placed their vehicles in front of the gates to a dance school construction project in Dickson and stood shoulder-to-shoulder to block access.

Fair Work Building and Construction claims the blockade was done to try and force the builder to sign a CFMEU enterprise agreement.

The union, however, has said the incident was a safety protest that took place after WorkSafe ACT issued prohibition notices at the site.

FWBC has taken the union officials to the Federal Court, alleging they breached the Fair Work Act.

The case appeared in court on Friday morning.

The court heard the matter would go into mediation over some issues.

Justice Jayne Jagot said it was an "unusual" matter to go into mediation.

The case will come back to court in October for further directions.