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Liberals 'lying' to community: Gallagher

The ACT government says the Canberra Liberals are ''lying to the community'' with their latest round of television attack advertising.

But the opposition's campaign headquarters responded yesterday that the Chief Minister ''wishes'' that the focus of the attacks had shifted.

The Liberals have staked their election campaign on the claim that Labor and the Greens are planning to replace $340 million in revenue from stamp duty by ''tripling'' the rates charged on Canberra households.

The claim has been a central feature of much of the opposition's campaign material, particularly its television advertising, including a new set of adverts that have begun to screen this week.

But Ms Gallagher said yesterday that the budget papers showed that only $24 million in those taxes were being phased out in 2013-14.

''They're just using incorrect figures again in their ads, so it's a lie and they're paying to spread it,'' the Chief Minister said.


''They're pretending that it's going to happen over the next few years and it's not and they really are running a scare campaign and it is causing concern and they should be called to account and asked to explain and used correct and truthful figures in their advertising.''

Ms Gallagher said that she believed the latest adverts had shifted away from the claim that rates would be tripled because it could not be sustained.

''They've dropped the tripling of the rates, which is interesting, from their latest ads,'' she said.

''They've got it all over their material and all over their trucks, but they are changing their message, but their message is still a lie because they're using figures that don't add up.

''But it is interesting that they're repositioning themselves on the rates line, but it's incredibly unfortunate that they're prepared to campaign and pin their whole campaign on a lie, even if that lie is slightly changed.''

Ms Gallagher said she believed the Liberals' material was not ringing true with voters. ''People are telling me that they don't believe that rates are going to triple but they are asking me for detail,'' she said.

''People know there's a scare campaign going on. But there should be some truth in political advertising.''

Liberals Treasury spokesman Brendan Smyth referred questions to his campaign headquarters.

''She wishes,'' a campaign spokesman said of Ms Gallagher's comments.


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