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Little Oink cafe overwhelmed by support after double burglary

The owners and staff of Little Oink cafe in Cook have been overwhelmed with support after the shop was broken into twice last week, with thieves stealing their tip jar, cash register and iPad.

Customers of the cafe brought in flowers and fellow cafe owners sent over some of their customers after Little Oink's owners arrived last Wednesday and Friday morning to find their cafe had been burgled. 

Manager Caitlyn Borkowski said they were still reeling from the incidents.

"They stole our tip jar, the cash register twice and one of the iPads, and with the broken glass there were all these upfront costs," Ms Borkowski said.

"We were closed for one day as well so we ended up losing money there - it has had a bit of a butterfly effect," she said.

One of the cafe's owner wrote on Facebook thanking the community for their support, saying they had been "brought to tears" by the kindness of their customers in wake of the attack.


"A couple of bad eggs won't spoil our bacon," the owner added.

Ms Borkowski said they had received a number of messages from regulars and other cafe owners.

"There has been good community support and it was really nice that the guys at Two Before Ten sent customers over.

"I mean we are all friends but it's nice to know people who are usually our competition would do that," Ms Borkowski said.

ACT Policing confirmed they were still investigating the burglaries and were seeking CCTV footage from nearby.