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Locals take first bite of Canberra's new season Apple

THE doors of the Canberra Centre Apple store opened for the first time at 10am yesterday and the line of people waiting to get a bite of the technology giant snaked out for more than 100 metres.

By noon, more than 1000 people were tempted inside, including Tristen Peemoeller.

The Apple fan has been to eight store openings, including one in New York in 2002 where he and the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had a lengthy conversation, something that Mr Peemoeller described as one of his most treasured memories.

''I know a lot of people revere him, but he was pretty down to earth and normal,'' Mr Peemoeller said.

''We talked about the glass staircase, the one in New York was the first one, and it's become a trademark of the big stores.''

The 32-year-old was in position outside the Canberra Centre at 6am to ensure he was one of the first people into the store. He was beaten by 10 people who started lining up at 4am. But for the Spence resident, waiting to get into the store is part of the fun.

''I wanted to be one of the first - also the experience of waiting is fun, meeting like-minded people in the line, talking to them, it's all part of it.''

Although Mr Peemoeller owns many Apple products he was still deciding on what new item to take home at 2pm. ''I've always been an Apple fan and the enjoyment of going to an Apple store is meeting other people who like the same thing you do … it's a positive place. You can play with the new products and you don't get hassled.'' Two Apple stores opened in Australia yesterday - the second was in Perth - bringing the total number to 17.