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Love Ikea? Jobs offered at new Canberra store

As Ikea fans impatiently await the arrival of the Swedish flatpack furniture giant in Canberra, a new opportunity is already on the cards.

Fans of the distinct blue and yellow warehouse can take their love of allen key assembly one step further and apply to work at the flagship store

The Canberra store's scheduled opening may be more than a year away but Ikea is already advertising a range of intriguingly worded management positions at the Majura Park warehouse.

Furniture fans with appropriate experience can apply to "share in [Ikea's] dream" as the company builds "not just a store but a partnership with the people of Canberra ... built on trust, respect, reliability and honesty". 

Love contemporary Swedish wares? A visual merchandise management role might be for you.

The successful applicant is expected to maximise sales and long-term profitability, promote the uniqueness of unpronounceable items and use store media to "convert visitors into satisfied customers".


Maybe you've been on the receiving end of an Ikea delivery, praying in your MALM bed with convenient attachable bedside tables for the day the store would open closer to home

Wait no more. Apply for a goods flow manager position. Work with the country in-store logistics manager to co-ordinate the appropriate availability of stock as cheaply as possible.

Or temper the frustration of finally choosing the perfect yellow aluminium chair, only to find it has sold out, as sales and supply support manager. The role requires the  successful applicant to oversee the availability of products and forecast which ones will fly off the shelves.

Like dragging friends into Ikea for company while you peruse aisle upon aisle, only to lose them within the first five minutes? 

Twist the arms of a few more people - and get paid doing it - as visitation and vitality manager.

The role involves collaborating with a number of marketing teams to distract customers from missing (or suspiciously leftover) screws from amateur-built desks and luring customers back for more flatpack goodness. 

Not to be confused with any old human resources role, the HR generalist will need to coach and assist managers in attracting and retaining talent and fostering professional (and personal) development.

You'll also need to partake in the usual HR shenanigans, such as informing employees via an extremely important and wordy email why the cheap tearoom detergent has been upgraded to a better-working model with a distinct lemon twist.

Those with a penchant for meatballs can take their love of food to the next level as kitchen production manager.

The role requires managing co-workers, ensuring "irresistible food offers of good taste and quality" and overseeing food safety.

But it's not the only foodie job on offer. The capital also needs a food commercial manager to maximise potential sales of snags. Yum.

Natural-born leaders will be a great fit for workforce planning manager. Manage staff, create schedules and make sure leaders are maximising resources and skills.

Patience and politeness more your style? Handle the return of damaged or faulty products as in-store product recovery manager.

The role requires you to oversee damaged and returned products while minimising costs to the guilty store. You'll need to ensure the "best value is recovered from products that would otherwise go to recycling or waste".

"You have the ability to influence others in the store to reduce product costs before damages or returns occur," the advertisement  says.

Money doesn't grow on hat stands after all.