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Majura Park traffic measures rein in fuel-hungry drivers at Caltex/Woolworths

Droves of drivers hungry for cheap fuel at Majura Park's Woolworths/Caltex service station have been forced to take a detour to the pump.

New signs are redirecting customers past the service station and around Jim Murphy's to tackle traffic congestion at the Majura Road and Mustang Avenue roundabouts. 

A Canberra Airport spokeswoman said the temporary route was introduced early this week and would remain until demand for discounted fuel dropped.

Based on experiences with services stations in other parts of the country, the changed conditions could remain for up to two months.

"Because Caltex/Woolworths has matched it's prices to Costco fuel prices there's a lot of traffic lining up," she said.

"There's no space on the side road for that traffic to queue.


"We've provided a route for cars entering the Caltex/Woolworths station without queuing along Majura Road."

The latest instalment in Canberra's fuel price wars follows traffic chaos on Friday which forced Woolworths/Caltex to redeploy petrol station managers from Hume and Gungahlin to deal with congested traffic described by one worker as a "shit fight".

On Wednesday Woolworths was charging 103.9 cents for standard fuel and 123.7 centres for premium fuel, with reward card-holders cutting an extra four cents per litre off the price. 

One commuter filling up her car Wednesday afternoon said the signs had caused confusion with some cars turning left at the roundabout rather than following Mustang Avenue to Beaufighter Street, creating two queues of traffic. 

Earlier traffic backed on to Majura Road.

"I think there might be a few Masters [Home Improvement] customers who are a little bit annoyed - the traffic was snaking around," she said.