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Man allegedly brandished tomahawk, assaulted mother as baby watched

A man allegedly took a tomahawk to his ex-partner's house before forcing her to crash into a pole while their three-month-old baby sat in the back, a court has heard.

Cam Massey, 26, is accused of committing a series of offences against his former partner on Monday.

It is alleged the mother met him to pick up their three-month-old baby about 8am, before they argued, and he kicked her in the legs, arms, and head.

She left with the child, but received a call about 1pm.

Prosecutors say Massey threatened to smash her head in.

He then allegedly turned up at her house with a tomahawk 45 minutes later, using the weapon to bang on her windows.


The woman allegedly tried to flee in her car with the baby in the back.

But Massey is accused of yanking the steering wheel from the back seat, forcing the car to smash into a pole.

The police were called and Massey allegedly fled.

Police say he dropped a bag containing what they suspect to be the methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, as he left. 

Massey, the court heard, claimed the package was sugar, and that he'd seen it in the home and wanted to take it away.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Peter Dingwall on Tuesday, applying for bail.

Prosecutors opposed his release, saying he was a risk of reoffending and interfering with the complainant. 

Police believed he was an ice user, something Massey disputed, speaking out in court to say: "I have used it but I don't have a habit, no."

Massey's lawyer said bail conditions could prevent the man from contacting the complainant, except for during the Family Court proceedings they are currently involved in over shared custody of the child.

Mr Dingwall denied Massey bail, saying there were suggestions he was using ice, and that his actions on Monday showed "persistent behaviour" towards his ex-partner.

Mr Dingwall said ice may explain his irrational behaviour. 

He found there was a strong likelihood that Massey would commit further offences.

The case will return to court later this month.