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Man arrested for slashing tyre in Narrabundah

ACT Policing arrested a 68-year-old man on Saturday night for damaging a tyre on a car in Narrabundah.

Police searched the man's home about 8.15pm, seizing evidence and taking him to Woden Police Station.

The search followed a tyre-slashing incident in the early hours of that day.

The man was later released but will be summonsed to face the ACT Magistrates Court at a later date.

Police suspect the alleged offence may be linked to similar cases of property damage in the area. Investigations are continuing.

The arrest is the result of an ongoing police operation that began in April 2013. The 68-year-old man lives in Narrabundah.

While police suggested possible links to past events, it is unknown whether the man they arrested is the "Narrabundah slasher" - an as-yet unidentified repeat offender who has become an urban legend, and is also referred to as the "grim reaper of rubber" and the "blowout bandit".

Residents of the Canberra suburb have had their car tyres slashed regularly over more than two decades.

Earlier this month, Liberal MLA Giulia Jones called for surveillance cameras to monitor vehicles in the area.