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Man 'attacks ambulance, then police'

A man is in custody after he allegedly damaged an ACT ambulance and then attacked police officers who came to help.

The 21-year-old, of Dunlop, was arrested on Saturday night after the incident in Holt, in Canberra's north-west.

ACT Policing says the paramedics were on their way to attend a medical emergency when the man ran onto the road in front of the ambulance about 6.35pm.

The driver was forced to evade him and stopped the vehicle.

The alleged offender then began attacking the ambulance, breaking off a wing mirror and damaging a side panel.

He was then joined by two other men.


The paramedics left their vehicle and called for help from police in Belconnen.

A patrol arrived quickly and identified the 21-year-old, but the police officers said he failed to comply with their directions.

The man then allegedy assaulted the officers, who took him into custody.

An ACT Policing spokesman said on Sunday the alleged offender was unarmed, and neither ambulance nor police staff were injured during the attacks.

The Dunlop man has been charged with two counts of common assault, four counts of obstructing an official and a separate charge of property damage.

He will face the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday.