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Man pleads guilty to armed home invasion in Red Hill

The target of a violent home invasion hid under a bed of a Red Hill home, but he was caught and bashed as he tried to run to a friend's place.

Invader Stanley Connors, 20, pleaded guilty in the ACT Supreme Court on Friday to trespassing with intent to cause harm.

The court heard a common assault charge would be scheduled.

Court documents said the occupants of the Discovery Street home heard a sound like the screen door being ripped from its hinges about 7pm in May last year.

Connors, of Theodore, and another man stormed into the home with a firearm and golf club, yelling: "I'm gonna kill the f------ dog."

The man hid under a bed while his partner confronted the men and told them to leave.


The second man then said: "I'm gonna shoot him with this," and brandished what looked like a gun.

She told the pair that the target was not home and they left.

The victim then left his hiding spot under the bed and ran from the property in the direction of a friend's home.

But he was confronted by Connors and the second man, who punched him in the face four times and kicked him in the left knee. They left in a silver Ford Falcon. 

Court documents said the victim suffered bruising and loss of vision in the attack.

Connors pleaded not guilty when he was arrested last year.

But he switched his plea to guilty before Chief Justice Helen Murrell on Friday.

He has spent 305 days in custody.

The judge ordered a presentence report in preparation for a sentence hearing in April.