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Man threatened to shoot source of animal cruelty tip-off when confronted by RSPCA

A Deakin man threatened to "put a f---ing bullet" in the head of the anonymous source who tipped off the RSPCA to his cruel treatment of two dogs.

When told by RSPCA inspectors that his underweight dogs needed veterinary treatment, Jason Charles Ryan responded: "It's a good thing you're a female … cause I would have punched you in the f---ing face by now."

Ryan, 43, pleaded guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday to six animal cruelty charges, including failing to provide adequate food, failing to seek veterinary treatment, and neglect.

The court heard the charges related to two dogs – a terrier and a mastiff cross – in July.

The self-represented defendant, in entering the guilty pleas, told the court he had a bad year at the time of the offences.

The prosecution tendered a statement of facts and Magistrate Robert Cook adjourned the matter for sentence.


Court documents said RSPCA inspectors raided the Deakin home after receiving a tip-off about two skinny dogs, one with a "sore" on its back.

The inspectors reported both dogs had been extremely underweight, with hips, ribs and spine clearly visible.

When asked about the dogs' condition, Ryan told inspectors that the animals had been poisoned weeks earlier after they dug something up from the backyard.

He admitted he had not sought veterinary treatment and had last taken his pets for a check-up two years earlier.

In relation to the sore on the mastiff's back, the defendant reported that it had "knocked itself on the airconditioner".

Ryan became aggressive when told the animals would be seized, threatening to shoot the person who made the complaint,  and violence if the inspector had not been a woman.

"You're not taking my dogs, if I find out who complained I am going to put a f---ing bullet in his head," he said, according to court documents.

The dogs were seized and examined by a vet, who found their low weight was the result of starvation.

The condition of the animals and other medical conditions, such as an ear infection and sore, improved once in the RSPCA care.

Court documents said the RSPCA ACT wanted the court to impose a 10-year ban on Ryan owning animals.

The matter will return to court for sentence next week.