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Man under investigation for Gowrie shooting denied bail for allegedly stealing car

A man under investigation for a recent shooting in Gowrie is behind bars after being denied bail on charges relating to a stolen car.

Harley Dean Stott, charged as Harley Boardman, 21, was brought before the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday on two alleged offences relating to a stolen white Volvo.

Prosecutors told the court he was also under investigation for a shooting in Gowrie early this month.

Police have previously said five shots were allegedly fired into the home about 2.30am on February 2.

Three search warrants were executed in Florey, Cook and Richardson after the shooting, allegedly uncovering drugs, ammunition and a replica firearm.

The ACT Magistrates Court heard on Thursday that Stott was fully co-operating with the investigation into the alleged shooting. He has not been charged over the incident. 


Police say they found a bum bag containing gold knuckledusters and what is believed to be methylamphetamine when they executed a search warrant at a home where Stott was a guest on Wednesday.

Stott, represented by Legal Aid, applied for bail on Thursday, a move opposed by prosecutors due to concerns he may reoffend, interfere with witnesses or evidence, or fail to appear back in court.

The prosecution said the investigation into Stott's alleged links to the shooting was "of some considerable concern".

The court also heard that Stott was handed a 20-month suspended prison sentence last year, and was currently under supervision by corrections.

The prosecution also highlighted a failure to appear conviction on Stott's record, and said there were fears he could use "stand over tactics" on witnesses. 

But his lawyer argued he was fully co-operating with police in their investigation into the shooting.

She argued he had a place to live, was in full time employment, and that police were already well into their investigation.

His criminal history was also described as "not remarkable".

The charges he is currently facing also have a presumption in favour of bail.

Magistrate Robert Cook denied Stott bail, saying there was a risk he would reoffend, interfere with ongoing investigations, or fail to appear.

The case will return to court early next month.