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Man who raped unconscious woman sentenced to jail

A Canberra woman who was raped while unconscious said the crime made her want to "rip her skin off", a court has heard.

She said she had been changed forever after falling victim to Danilo Sordini in her own home in 2013.

Sordini, 56, was jailed in the ACT Supreme Court on Tuesday morning having pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse without consent.

Sordini had been serving a sentence for theft and dishonesty offences when he and the victim smoked ice and engaged in sexual behaviour at her flat between 8am and 3pm on August 13.

About 4pm, the woman had an argument with another man, who left the unit, court documents said.

She became anxious and took a sedative to relax, but then lost consciousness, only to awake to find Sordini having sex with her.


The victim struggled against him before losing consciousness again.

She was naked and on the floor when she woke some time later.

The victim confided in a friend the next day, who then reported the incident to police.

Forensics discovered semen matching Sordini's DNA inside the woman's underpants.

Justice Richard Refshauge sentenced the offender to two-years-and-10-months jail for the rape.

He will be eligible for parole in June next year.

The judge said the crime had been aggravated by the fact it had taken place in the victim's home and he had persisted despite her attempts to stop him.

Justice Refshauge said the offence had clearly been committed for Sordini's sexual gratification.

"The crime of rape is an intensely personal crime," the judge said.

"No other sentence but full-time prison is appropriate."

The court heard Sordini had 56 convictions on his criminal history, most for dishonesty and traffic.

But he had lived long periods of his life crime free.

At the time of the sex offence, he had been serving a sentence from the ACT Magistrates Court that included six months of periodic detention.