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Maserati pinged at 179km/h at Bungendore

A NSW man was caught at 179km/h in a luxury sports car at Bungendore, and a Canberra man had his licence plates confiscated after being caught at 162km/h on the Hume Highway, as NSW police express frustration with the number of speeding drivers caught over the weekend.

The Bungendore incident happened on Saturday afternoon, when police detected a grey Maserati speeding along the Kings Highway at 79km/h over the 100km/h limit.

The high-powered car was being driven by a 33-year-old man from Hurstville Grove, who had his licence suspended.

On Friday night, a 21-year-old from Campbell in the ACT had his licence plates confiscated after being caught driving his white Holden Commodore ute at 162km/h southbound on the Hume Highway at Mittagong.

Police pulled the vehicle over, suspended the man’s licence, and took the plates.

The incidents were two of a large number of significant speeding and traffic offences detected by NSW Police over the weekend.


Other examples include a black Ferrari caught at 172km/h in a Sydney tunnel, a drunk driver weaving through traffic on a Sydney motorway with one tyre completely deflated and sending sparks flying, and an alleged deliberate hit and run incident in Sydney involving a pedestrian.

NSW Police Superintendent Stuart Smith said speeding drivers not only risked fines, but also the possibility of hurting themselves or other road users.

“The greatest risk is to other road-users, trying to get themselves, family and friends from A to B safely. The second greatest risk is hurting or killing yourself and your passengers. The third greatest risk is to the tree or pole you slam into when you can’t control the speeding vehicle,” he said.

About 170 people die on NSW roads every year as a result of what authorities term inappropriate speed for the conditions.

There are no statistics on how many fatalities are caused as a result of exceeding the speed limit.