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McKellar shooter refused bail

A man  allegedly shot by his former lover in the toilet of a McKellar home told police he heard his attacker say, ‘‘I’m going to kill you and I want to die, too’’, before appearing to try to reload the rifle.

Louise Bai, 56, was denied bail over the alleged shooting of her former partner, whom she had known for 11 years, at a granny flat at her  Tipping Place property on Wednesday.

She is accused of taking a friend’s bolt action .22 rifle without their knowledge, and shooting the man in his right shoulder during a dispute about 11.30am.

The victim told police he was sitting on the toilet, when Bai asked him if he wanted to go to lunch, according to a police statement.

He told police he opened the door to find Bai standing with a rifle pointed at him. She  then allegedly shot him, and began trying to work the bolt action lever.

The victim said the pair wrestled over the gun, before Bai hit him over the head with a  crystal ash tray. Two other people living on the property then arrived, according to court documents.


Bai’s version of events to police differed significantly. She said the firearm went off by accident as the victim was leaving the bathroom.  She had no intention of shooting or injuring him and had intended to go shooting with the victim after lunch. Police believe there were no witnesses and  defence lawyers told the court it was likely to be a ‘‘word on word’’ matter.

The pair separated several years  but the complainant was living with Bai to help renovate the home, which she rents to others while living in the United States, the court heard.

It was told the  victim, who is from China and speaks almost no English, was recovering well and had since been discharged from hospital.

Bai appeared for a bail hearing before the ACT Magistrates Court just after midday on Thursday. With extensive links with the US  and China, she was refused bail on the grounds she might try to obtain passports and documentation from either country and flee Australia. The court also heard she was a risk of interfering with the alleged victim, and try  to pressure him into withdrawing his complaint.

Magistrate Bernadette Boss said Bai was also a risk of interfering with  evidence and witnesses.

The court heard the complainant was ‘‘vulnerable’’, with almost no friends or family in the ACT, and that he had  been in Australia for just  days before the alleged shooting. Police were still searching for a cartridge discharged from the rifle.

Bai lives in the US with her husband, and had no criminal record in the ACT. Her two brothers both live in the ACT and were in court to support her on Thursday.

She will return to the ACT Magistrates Court next week for another bail application.